1960 International Summer Camp participants


1960 international camp at Myrtidia, 04-08 to 01-09

This 1st summer camp at Kythira was organized by WCC Office Athens.


Fencing to protect new to be planted trees at Myrtidia, painting bedroom furniture in the Potamos hospital and excavation and foundation 1st water dam near Mitata. In total approx 25 young people (50/50 male/female), representing 9 different confessions!


  1. Leendert W. Ruitenberg               (Dutch) (wrote Dutch article “What is an ecumenical work camp”) (E: April 2018: overleden eind 2017)
  2. Willem Bouw                                     (Dutch) (acted also as camp leader in Mylopotamos 1964)
  3. Lesley Howard                  (Los Angeles, USA)
  4. Pat Kelly                               (USA)
  5. and (3) other Americans (1st)
  6. a 2nd American
  7. a 3rd American
  8. Hans Pfeifer                       (Germany)
  9. Gertrud Herzog                                (Germany)
  10. Martha Bornholdt            (Germany)
  11. Suzanna Schell                 (Germany)
  12. John P. Whitley                 (England)
  13. Peter R. Page                     (England)
  14. and 1 other English
  15. and (2) Australians (1st)
  16. Australian (2nd)
  17. Françoise Lieugne            (Switzerland)
  18. Waltra de .. Uhl                 (Austria)
  19. John. M. Coelhy                               (Brazil)
  20.  and 1 Pakistani
  21. Vasili Koukmenidis          (leader for the 5 Greeks)
  22. Theocharis Konstantin
  23. Marina Ferinea
  24. Fani Kabouri
  25. Irini Giannioti                     (from Livadi, Kythira)
  26. Charles Schroeder (USA, WCC Team member) (see below his International Songbooks with all names of participants written on!)

Kytherian youngsters for kitchen service


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