1970 Technical activities of the Team



1970 Technical activities of the Team


1970   Monthly reports: A summary of main topics, events, visitors, etc.

1970 (Jan, Feb, March) April 1st


About meeting Queen Juliana from Holland, who was very interested in the work of the Team at Kythera. Many other important meetings: in Holland Mrs. Dr. Went head of the Inter Church Aid of Holland; in Geneva Rev. Ken Baker, Mr. W. Schot financial director of ICA Holland, Father Tsetsis whom the Team had bothered with the Team’s financial troubles; in Athens Mrs. Dora Gondicas, Mrs. Jiannarou, Mr. Tsamberis from WCC Athens, and architect Mr. Tsolakis. Meeting the Dutch Ambassador for Greece in Athens. Civil achievements at Kythera from the past 4 months. Fortunately, Mrs. Gondicas had informed the at Kythera remaining team member, civil engineer Piet Goozen, that money had arrived for the Mylopotamos school whereas he could accelerate the building program.



Agia Pelagia 1970


Agia Pelagia ferry boat Myrtidiotissa


1970 (April, May, June) July 1st

A short visit in April from Rev. John Ross from Rome. In June came Mrs. Dr. Hofstra, anaesthetic specialist, who also paid a visit to the hospital. Seeds from CARE (like every year) were distributed. The experimental garden does well. Cooperative canning project in Karavas, with canning equipment from Germany, needed a permit and supervision from the Ministry of Agriculture (meaning that this project came to a stop soon). Status of school construction in Mylopotamos: cellar of 200 m3, septic tank 19 m3, settling tank 19 m3 and ground floor with masonry are finished. Piano lessons in Potamos made possible by a donation of a piano. Tourist development plan Paleopolis beach should not in any way damage archaeological sites (in agreement with Prof. Huxley, who with his team did excavations at Skandia from 1963 up to 1967). Forestation, advice on what to do with the “desert” terrains around Gerakari. Construction of stables (Self Help projects). Avlemona harbour improvements. Construction of irrigation water system in Mylopotamos on its way.

1970 July 1

The 1st of three-monthly reviews (April, May, June) of status and expenses for the building site of the agricultural home economic school for girls at Mylopotamos. Copies of these reviews must be sent among others to the Dutch Ambassador in Athens, to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague, secretariat Dutch ICCO in Utrecht, Dutch KVN, WCC offices Geneva and Athens and the Archbishop of Greece. In a report of 27 February 1970, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs was told that in cooperation with the Department of Civil Engineering of the Technical University Eindhoven, Holland, most of the technical studies and strength calculations had been finished. Available funds from the State of the Netherlands and some actions in Holland amount to 1.384.700 drachms


Agia Pelagia 1970


1970 July, August, Sept

In July, during the vacation of civil engineer Piet Goozen, two technical students from University Eindhoven, Holland, helped at the building site of the Mylopotamos school, where they also stayed in the Team house in the village.  Arrival in August of new team member, Miss Anke de Rooy, fiancée of Piet Goozen, to assist in the officially required administration for the school project in Mylopotamos. Cooperative pear canning in Karavas: in a new building with canning machines through a donation by “Brot fűr die Welt” from Germany, some 7500 tins with pears were filled. At Mylopotamos a lot of plums were canned and in the experimental garden 200 tins with pears were canned. No rain as of April and at a big fire at Paleopolis some 9000 olive trees went up in flames.

1970 Oct 1

A three-monthly review (July, August, September) of status and expenses for the building site of the agricultural home economic school for girls at Mylopotamos

1970 Oct, Nov, Dec

Abnormal high yield of olives. Plastic warehouses. Increasing construction costs for the school in Mylopotamos.


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Agia Pelagia 1970, ferry boat Myrtidiotissa

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