Forester mr Zerlendes



The Greek article by governmental forester Ioannis Zerlendes,

“We have to plant many eucalyptus trees”.

He explains that this tree is not endemic and where it came from and how long it should grow before to be cut for timber.

At the end of his article apart of the good use of its wood he gives another 3 reasons why to plant these trees.

Click here for photos of the tree nursery in Myrtidia and Pitsinades in 1964

Click here for photos of the tree nurseries in Kalamos and Pitsinades in 1965

Being the use for the bark, flowers for the honey bees and aromatic oil obtained from the leaves to be used in a lot of products.

But he also warns not to plant these kind of trees close to one’s property but to do this far away in the mountains of which Kythera has a lot.


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