Mylopotamos 1967 first and second summer camp


Summer Campers working in Mylopotamos

1) digging holes for tree planting for the first winter camp in February 1968,

(2) drink water system for the village and

(3) installing left over material for the home economic school for girls.


Read here the technical activities of the WCC Team + amazing island photos




summer campers digging trench for water supply towards village


Mylopotamos 1967 water supply



Mylopotamos 1967 water supply, Panayotis o Psilos at work with jack hammer.


1967 Mylopotamos water supply photo made by CP Stapels


1967 Mylopotamos summer camp group photo made by CP Stapels


Mylopotamos 1967, Team’s compressor with pulling tractor in olive yard



Mylopotamos 1967 Pvc pipe being laid, campers watching. Wessel Breunisse standing left



Mylopotamos 1967 Coupling sleeve being pushed on pipe end



Koksma in characteristic pose explaining something for the work campers


Mylopotamos 1967 Girls washing/refreshing themselves with water from the brook



Mylopotamos 1967 Girl emptying bucket of water over her head



Mylopotamos 1967 soaped in boy shaving himself



Mylopotamos 1967 g. Campers strolling in main street Mylopotamos



Mylopotamos 1967 Group dinner at Platanos



most probably group picture of the 2nd work camp



Mylopotamos summer campers digging holes to plant trees by winter camp check 1968




Mylopotamos 1967 2nd summer camp



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