The summer work camps introduction 1960 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969



Ecumencial Summer Work Camps were largely organized by “De Oecumenische Jeugdraad” in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


If you click on a year you will find the list of all the Dutch (and some other foreign) participants of the Work Camps on Kythira from 1960 to 1969. In total there were about 450 participants. Participants summer work camps at Kythira in 1960 (25), 1964 (50), 1965 (95), 1966 (115), 1967 (65), 1968 (75), 1969 (25):



Fencing for tree planting in Myrtidia, organized by WCC office Athens, 4/9 – 1/9 international and also participants from Kythira.



School Mylopotamos two summer camps. Excavation of water basin, column footings and foundation beams, pouring part, foundation beams, part prefab slabs for ground floor.



School Mylopotamos, Swiss organization SECONU continuous international camps. June/July/August.



Irrigation project Paleopolis. Well diging 1500 m inland in a dry riverbed. In October 1965 due to torrential rainfall all work was destroyed by the river.



School Mylopotamos two summer camps. Continuation of prefabrication of concrete floor members.


Community water supply in Livadi two summer camps. Organized by ecumenical youth from Vlaardingen, a town in the Netherlands.


1966 Livadi, excavation started for a watertank with mr. Koksma



Cheese factory Fratsia, organized via the ‘Kythera Vriendenkring Nederland’. Excavations for and concrete pouring of foundation by youths from ‘s Hertogenbosch, a town in the Netherlands.


Mylopotamos two summer camps:

July 1st camp partly installing leftover prefabricated floor members for the domestic school, digging of trenches for the community water supply and hole digging as preparation for the tree planting camp that would arrive in the beginning of 1968.

The 2nd camp arrived the 27th of July. Digging trenches for the water supply to the village.


1968 Winter Camp

Tree planting in Myrtidia and Dokana, organized via ‘Kythera Vriendenkring Nederland’. It was the first Winter Camp. Ecumenical “West-Friese” youngsters lodged in unheated Myrtidia in February.


Two summer camps one in Livadi construction of concreted roads. And Fratsia community water supply. Finishing touch of cheese factory. Laying of plastic sewer pipes at the Agia Moni monastery.



School Mylopotamos. Excavations for the sanitary sewer system.


Dutch on Kythira
Jean Bingen in Potamos water supply 1962.


Financial overview



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