Mylopotamos 1966, photos by Bob Scholten


Mylopotamos 1966

Bob Scholten is for the second time arriving on Kythira to work as a summer camper together with his wife Anneke. After 1966 he came back to the island with is family, but by then as a tourist

Hereby a serie of photos about the circumstances and happenings in Kythira. Enjoy!


Four photos above showing girls washing the clothes in the ‘outside’ laundry room in the centre of Mylopotamos.


At the end of the school year the bishop is giving a speech


The end of the schoolyear.  Mr. and Mrs Koksma at the left



The end of the school year with director Marietta Avgerinos, at the right of the bishop.


The end of the school year with the summer campers and Anneke the wife of Bob Scholten




The girls of the Home Economic school in Mylopotamos at the school party in 1966.




The three photos above show the school girls on excursion.


The two photos above show some summer campers with Anneke the wife of Bob Scholten


Dancing and live music at the Neraida night club in Karavas (AmirAli).


The Koksma’s with Anneke


Mr. Koksma with camp leader Peter


Dinner at the square in Mylopotamos.

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