Mylopotamos 1969 summer camp home economic school



Mylopotamos school, excavation for the sceptic tank


1969 Jan / Feb

In January 1969 there came positive news from Holland. The “Directory of International Technical Help” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands is willing to give a large donation to build the school at Mylopotamos. (In May money was transferred from Holland to WCC office Athens.)

Water supply for Kapsali is nearly finished and for Kalamos it is started. Unfortunately, the still available length of plastic pipes is not enough for all the projects.

The cheese making cooperation in Fratsia has to be spurred into action, but from whose money will they have to pay the milk from other villages and who will manage the whole enterprise?


1969 March / April

Visits were paid to Athens to see the Dutch Ambassador for the Mylopotamos school. A suitable sub office housing is found in Mylopotamos. At Kalamos 1000 m and at Kapsali 800 m plastic pipes are being installed for the water supply. More requests for plastic pipes (instead of the asbestos cement pipes from the government) are coming in, but no stock is anymore available.


1969 May / June

Lodging prepared for an expected summer work camp in Mylopotamos. The provincial government (Nomarchia) allowed that the elementary school was used.


1969 July

The summer work camp at Mylopotamos school, 22 Dutch plus one visitor from Jordania, and some visitors from America, South Africa, Canada and Denmark who only stayed for a short time. The Danish girl however stayed all the time. This group, by experiment from Utrecht without a leader, started digging for a septic tank and trenches for the wastewater system. Even applications of girls from Elafonissos and Lakonía for the home economic school are being received.  Three years after the ecumenical youth from the Dutch town Vlaardingen had started the water supply for Livadi this system officially will be opened by Bishop Sortiris, from Gythion, and the prefect of Piraeus on August 6. From beginning to end this project took 7 years! Several more villages now have applied for a water supply system.


1969 Aug / Sep

With financial help from the Dutch society KVN a young man from Fratsia will be sent to Ioannina to learn to become cheese maker. At the end of August Mr. Piet Goozen, civil engineer, arrived from Holland to become for 2 years member of the Team. He started straight away on a lot of other technical drawings as the work on the Mylopotamos school could not yet start.


1969 Oct / Nov

The young man from Fratsia who will become the cheese maker will leave for Ioannina the beginning of coming year.


Photos Mylopotamos 1969, click to enlarge



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