1962 Main topics and work of the Team from June



From 10 June 1962, 1963, up to July 1964 is the period for which no work reports are retrieved.


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From June up to mid-July 1962 reading from my diary we have been busy installing pvc pipes for the water supply in Diakopoulianika, Karavas and at Krio Neri. At Whitsun the four of us surveyed the coastline of Makrykythira. We overnighted in Agia Moni, where we befriended papas Eleftherios(?). At Diakofti Bay the owner of the Purfina Petrol Station at Fatsadika had in mind to operate a small oil container port and therefore had asked us (privately and not the Team) for a survey and make depth soundings. Student Martin leaves for Holland the 1st of July and Mrs. Koksma arrives back from her operation in Holland. Student Wessel leaves Kythira one week later to return to Holland. Just before Erik and I left Kythira the 18th of July we finished the work for the bathroom for the family Kondos in Areï.



Arei 1962 Kondos family house in Arei, extension for bathroom


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The Bishop requested Koksma in August now to develop plans for an old people’s home in Chora notwithstanding the donation of Mr. Casimaty from Tasmania for an old people’s home in Potamos. See my article The old people’s home in Potamos


In October arrived Dave Vijsma (did he come from the Dutch town Vlaardingen? Read the letter home from the Mylopotamos 1964 summer camper Mily de Jong!). He was an architectural designer and stayed a full 2 years up to October 1964. He surely must have done a lot of initial detailing for the old people’s home in Potamos and the rural school for girls in Mylopotamos.



Dave Vijsma in Karavas at Portokalia, photo Gerard Helmink check 1964



A well-known Dutch photojournalist arrived in November to make a lot of promotion pictures and wrote an article “I loathe goats, says Jurjen Koksma” dated 30 November 1962. In this article Koksma explained the need for planting trees and therefore keep the goats away from new planted young trees. To my opinion, formed in later years, goats were not bad at all for those who kept them. They gave milk, hair, meat, skin, their bones for making glue, and they ate everything. But that was the problem? They should be kept away from young trees!


>> Technical activities of the team in 1963


Here a meeting in Mylopotamos, Koksma explaining the need to plant trees


Forester Yiannis Zerlendes sitting left, Mrs. Koksma on the right, Bishop in between.


Local papas and Mrs. Koksma


Bishop Meletios


Elementary school children….


….with tools on their way to plant trees.

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