1964. Greek dancing with mr Zerlendes.

Mylopotamos 1964 first and second summer camp by Gerard Helmink



Mylopotamos 1st and 2nd summer camp by Team member Gerard Helmink

Click here for some photos made by Mr. Fatseas. All found in the archive of Gerard Helmink


In 1964 summer campers were working on the Home Economic School for girls Both summer camps were organized by WCC Office Utrecht in the Netherlands. Main thing what was done: excavation of water basin, column footings and foundation beams, pouring part, part prefab slabs for ground floor. Participants of the first summer camp were lodged in Myrtidia. For the second summer camp they stayed in Mylopotamos.



Team member Gerard Helmink 1964


and his friend Team member Wim Rijnberk 1964



Koksma letter to miss Sack from the Dutch Embassy in Athens


Explanation of the content of the above letter. The date must be July 1964!!!

Mr. Koksma asked for help at the Dutch Embassy in Athens. When the first group of summer campers left by boat Gerard Helmink was helping at the port. He was not leaving Kythira. He continued his work, but on an other location. For that reason he had packed his suitcase and someone brought it aboard. When the boat had left he was missing his suitcase. For that reason Mr. Koksma thought it would be a great help to send a letter to the Dutch Embassy in Athens. In the end Gerard himself traveled to Pireas and found his suite case back, on the ferry boat with all his personal belongings intact.


The photo serie below are made by Gerard Helmink. The first gallery is from the work camp the second from some local events. Click on a photo to enlarge.






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