Work reports WCC Team 1967



The activities of the WCC team on Kythira were documented in bi-weekly and monthly reports. In 1967 there were two summer camps in Mylopotamos and the project of the Cheese Factory in Fratsia.


In Ferbruary  two technical students arrived on Kythira, Frank Berghuijs en Harry Wellink, from the Technical College Arnhem, Holland, as new team members for 6 months. Announcement of the start of a Dutch society called “KVN”, Kythera Vriendenkring Nederland (Circle of Friends in Holland for Kythera) and Bishops Meletios opinion. Topographical survey of Fratsia was made for their water supply. The prefect of Piraeus expects the final signature for the overall water system plans for Kythira within two weeks. This caused the Bishop to say that it did not seem right to have Holland spend any more money on local village water systems, a better project would be a modest cheese factory. At this time the cheese factory is housed in an old barn in Fratsia and the cooperative counts 25 members with 30 cows. Plans in Holland for summer work camps in Mylopotamos and Fratsia for their community water supply, but what restriction will be enforced by the Prefecture now with regard to the overall island water supply project?


1967 March

Miss Ida Blok, the agricultural specialist for the coming two years, arrived to take over the daily and the experimental (pruning pear trees started) agricultural matters of the Team.


1967 jb c04 Kapsali part beach wall washed away
1967 Kapsali part beach wall washed away


1967 jb c03 Kapsali beach wall breached
1967 Kapsali beach wall breached


1968 jb c04 Kapsali repair of beach wall
1968 Kapsali repair of beach wall


1967 April

Miss Ida Blok was shown around the island by the island agricultural specialist. For the water system at Livadi taps on the main lines were placed and remaining unfinished lines were installed and some help was given for the construction of concrete roads.
(Zie de foto’s van Frank Berghuijs van de voortzetting voor de verdere aanleg van de waterleiding in Livad).


1967 May

Willingness in Holland to start actions for projects at Kythera, especially thanks to the Dutch society “KVN”. The first periodical of KVN named “IRIS” was presented by Mr. G. Hornstra (founder and promoter) to Mr. and Mrs. Koksma. The Arnhem Rotary Club (the town the technical college students are from) supported the Team with funds for the technical students. Arrival of two new team members: civil engineer Wessel Breunisse and his wife and their two young children. Electricity for several villages and a main network from Chora to Agia Pelagia and Karavas. Topographical survey of Platia Ammos is finished but it is not sure the Prefecture will construct here a water system. Fitting plastic pipelines at Livadi, now only waiting for the electricity to come.

(note Jean Bingen Deze elektriciteit kwam pas in Kato Livadi na de complete aanleg van het bovengrondse leidingnet voor het eiland in 1969. In 1966 had ik met 2 HTS-stagiaires ook een poging gedaan een opmeting in Platia Ammos te doen. Toen wij met de Landrover kwamen aanrijden werden wij door een vijftal lokale dames opgewacht. Zij waren met stokken gewapend! Zij hadden een totaal verkeerd idee waarom wij het dorpje wilden opmeten. Wij moesten onverrichterzake terugkeren. Ik was perplex, met de helft van de dames had ik door mijn vroegere werkzaamheden met hun echtgenoten in Karavas een goede relatie opgebouwd. Waarom wij niet mochten meten, was omdat zij dachten dat wij een soort bestemmingsplan voor de verkoop van percelen in het dorp wilden maken. Een voorbeeld van volkomen verkeerde voorlichting).


1967 June

Money is collected in Holland for the summer camp in Fratsia. Lodging and a kitchen had to be provided in Fratsia and in Mylopotamos for the coming summer work camps. A survey of Aroniadika (water supply) was done on request of the Prefecture. For the new cheese factory, a design was made, the summer work camp will start with the construction.


1967 Kapsali afternoon off
1967 Kapsali afternoon off for the summer camp workers


1967 July

Work camps for Mylopotamos (making holes along the road from Karvounades to Aroniadika for the tree plantation campaign next winter and for a small part community water supply and putting in place concrete floor slabs for the school) and for Fratsia (cheese factory) arrived both at July 7, they had waited 4 days in Athens.
Photographer Chris-Paul Stapels with co-worker Hugo Post, in request of the Dutch I.C.A., come for the third and last time to make pictures of the Team’s activities.



1967-006 Kapsali July afternoon off, Coby & Candy
1967 Kapsali July afternoon off, Coby & Candy



1967 Aug

People of Fratsia proceeded with the walls of the cheese factory. The 2nd summer camp in Mylopotamos installed 200 m plastic pipes and 200 m trenches were dug. A remaining 100 m has to be finished by the population.


1967 Oct

All required plastic pipes (1000 m), spare parts for Mylopotamos and extra ordered spare parts for Livadi arrived the end of September. These had been promised by the Dutch “O.J.R.”, (Ecumenical Youth Council of Holland). This means that by now 5 villages have been given their water supply system. A tremendous donation of 200.000 drachms from the Dutch “CPJ”, Christelijke PlattelandsJongeren (Christian Rural Youth Society) from the town Ede and 40.000 drachms from the Dutch town ‘s Hertogenbosch both for the cheese factory was also received.


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Mylopotamos Mr. Koksma is explaining about the work

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