1963 Technical activities of the Team



1963 Technical activities of the Team

From 10 June 1962, 1963, up to July 1964 is the period for which no work reports are retrieved.


1963: Four technical students from Arnhem Technical High School, Jan Hakfoort, Jan Willems, Cees van Dingstee and Wim Leenders, came to Kythira this year. Two students civil engineering and two architectural students. With some help from two of their former contemporary classmates I was able to contact Jan Willems early 2006. He sent me 6 pictures and promised some more and information of what they had been doing, but then we lost contact again.



1963 Willy Jeep
1963 the Willy jeep has a puncture at Manitochori




Photo Phatseas
1963 students Cees van Dingstee, Jan Willems, Jan Hakfoort, Wim Leenders. Photo by Fatseas Livadi



This is the only group of students ever pictured in this way!

From the few retrieved technical drawings of the Team only the bridge at Diakofti drawn by Cees van Dingstee in February 1963 can be mentioned. It had a height of 3 meters above sea level, making it possible small fishing boats to cross underneath. (The bridge that was built more than 35 years later has its underside that close to sea level that repair at the underside of corroded away concrete cover to the steel reinforcement will be rather difficult.)



1963 This house at Kapsali needed a new stair


1963 preparations for formwork and reinforcement


1963 Stair ready



1963 Prof. Dr. G.L. Huxley and Prof. Dr. J.N. Goldstream and their team of archaeologist started their excavations at Skandeia, Paleopolis from 1963-1966.


>> Summer camp girls and Prof Dr Huxley in 1965


Two small personal feats I can mention here. A friend, a former fellow student, and I were on vacation at Kythira in July/August 1963 where we stayed in the xenona of the Karavas church. On request of Koksma we surveyed a couple of days a piece of land at Agia Pelagia’s Firi Ammos. The Church had money to spent on providing asphalt on the road to Kalokerines from the junction to Mylopotamos and when my friend unfortunately stayed three days in the Potamos hospital I surveyed with help from somebody the length of this road. I could stay and eat these days in Moni Myrtidia. This length of road was asphalted soon afterwards!



1963 February conceptual bridge at Diakofti



>> Technical activities of the team in 1964


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