Livadi and Mylopotamos 1967 first summer camp Frank Berghuijs



Frank Berghuijs  HTS student in 1967 working on the water supply in 1967.

In 1968 he came back for a holiday and to work as a technical leader in the summer camp. He met a Dutch girl Riet Simons. and they got married. Every year they come to Kythira.




Livadi 1967 Wessel Breunisse repair road side



Livadi 1967 Frank Berghuijs, pipe fitting in Spiro Gianiottis garden



Livadi 1967 formwork pipe bridge



Livadi 1967 concrete bridge for pipe



Livadi 1967 pipe fitting



Livadi 1967 pipe fitting branching made



Livadi 1967 Frank Berghuijs pipe fitting tap place



Livadi 1967 pipe fitting



Livadi 1967 temporary road crossing

Back in Mylopotamos


Mylopotamos 1967 evening meal


Mylopotamos 1967 mr Koksma and Papas Manoli


Mylopotamos 1967 evening meal, yamas


Mylopotamos 1967 Nicos Karydis bus


Mylopotamos 1967 a broken rafter, what to do?


Mylopotamos 1967 route water supply



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