1969 Technical activities of the Team



1969 Technical activities of the Team


1969 Monthly reports: A summary of main topics, events, visitors, etc.


1969 Jan / Feb

In January 1969 there came positive news from Holland. The “Directory of International Technical Help” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands is willing to give a large donation to build the school at Mylopotamos. (In May money was transferred from Holland to WCC office Athens.)

The borrowed Team’s jeep, which most of times was driven by the governmental forester, has been given back to the owner CWC Inc. of America. The Team’s involvement in reforestation as of 1960 up to now amounted from 5% to 10% and to 30% in 1962 to 60% in 1965 to 20 % in 1967 and to 10% in 1968. Now as there have been planted 1.000.000 tree lets the Team is no longer involved. Water supply for Kapsali is nearly finished and for Kalamos it is started. Unfortunately, the still available length of plastic pipes is not enough for all the projects. Left over seeds from America come to Kythera every year but these are different seeds most of the years. This year it was mainly endive and kale. Hoes with a long handle as used on Lefkada where introduced at Kythera. Team member Ida Blok left the Team after 2 years. It is a very sad thing that no agriculturist will do a follow up of her experiments. Mr. Vitsos also left. The cheese making cooperation in Fratsia must be spurred into action, but from whose money will they have to pay the milk from other villages and who will manage the whole enterprise? A letter was received from Mr. Schotveld who is working for the Reformed Mission in Indonesia stating that his visit to the Kythera-Team and the study of their projects at Kythera 3 years ago had been very helpful for the Mission’s development work on reforestation, irrigation and new roads. Mr. Kuin from Holland who studied the Team’s project last year reported in the periodical of the Baptist Church that he was most impressed by the work and the way it was done at Kythera.



Agia Anastastia 1967 Ida Blok in the experimental garden fruit


1969 March / April

In the experimental garden, some kohlrabi a rather unknown vegetable at Kythera was tried. Thanks to some wind shields in the garden not much damage was done by a 12 day during northern gale. Visits were paid to Athens to see the Dutch Ambassador for the Mylopotamos school. A suitable sub office housing is found in Mylopotamos. At the end of the Team’s involvement with the reforestation project there are more than 200.000 tree lets available in the nurseries, the last 50.000 nylon bags have been handed to the governmental forester and some length of plastic pipe for irrigation was given. But the forester has been promoted and will leave Kythera soon. At Kalamos 1000 m and at Kapsali 800 m plastic pipes are being installed for the water supply. More requests for plastic pipes (instead of the asbestos cement pipes from the government) are coming in, but no stock is anymore available.


1969 May / June

In the beginning of May forester Yannis Zerlendes leaves the island. The departure of Bishop Meletios from his diocese. New funds from Self-Help. One stable is under construction. Illness of 96-year-old doctor Kasapis. Lodging prepared for an expected summer work camp in Mylopotamos. Now that the forester has gone, watering at the tree nurseries is not very well done and the governmental bulldozer, supposed to make new roads in the to be planted areas, is not working too much time.


1968 tree nursery, Koksma and Zerlendes


1969 June

Letter in Greek from the Mylopotamos School Committee


1969 Mylopotamos school
1969 Mylopotamos school


1969 July

The summer work camp at Mylopotamos school, 22 Dutch plus some visitors from America, South Africa, Canada and Denmark who only stayed for a short time, started digging trenches for the sewer system. Even applications of girls from Elafonissos and Lakonia for the home economic school are being received.  Instead of pear canning this period plum and tomato canning was tried. More canning machines are promised by “Brot fűr die Welt”. From the Self Help funds 2 stables are finished and also the river bed regulation at Paleopolis. Three years after the ecumenical youth from the Dutch town Vlaardingen had started the water supply for Livadi this system will officially be opened by Bishop Sortiris and the prefect of Piraeus on August 6. From beginning to end this project took 7 years! Several more villages now have applied for a water supply system.



1969 tv05 Kapsali in July
1969 Kapsali in July with summer work campers


1969 Aug / Sep

Church festivities in August, Bishop Sortiris from Gythion and bishop Gavrilis (born at Kythera) of Santorin. Many Kytherians from abroad with vacation at Kythera notice the difference of mood and outlook at Kythera. With financial help from the Dutch society KVN a young man from Fratsia will be sent to Ioannina to learn to become cheese maker.  The death of a seven-year-old child in Mitata from undernourishment! About canning of olives and plums. A lot of road building. At the end of August Mr. Piet Goozen, civil engineer, arrived from Holland to become for 2 years member of the Team. He started straight away on a lot of other technical drawings as the work on the Mylopotamos school could not yet start. Advising on tree maintenance, fertilizers, animal care, on vegetables is going on. Fratsia and Strapodi got new connections to the main road made by the old Team’s bulldozer, as well as some roads at Kalamos and work done on the breakwater at Kapsali. Many (important) visitors from Holland, England and Greece.


1969 Oct / Nov

Last report of the year. Preparing for a home leave. Retrospect of past years. Tourist development plan for Paleopolis. Consequences from the lack of rain. Fruit canning project. The young man from Fratsia who is the cheese maker to be will leave for Ioannina the beginning of coming year. The governmental home economist Miss Kapolla (nickname Miss Conserva) has left the island. Team member Piet Goozen became member of the island harmony orchestra.


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