1967 Summer Camp Participants


1967 cheese factory Fratsia from 07-07 to 26-07


This camp originated from the town ‘s Hertogenbosch, by a division of the “Kythera Vriendenkring Nederland. Excavation and pouring concrete cellar floor.

  1. Lia van de Kerkhof           Vught    (did visit Kythira in 2011, E: April 2016, provided pictures)
  2. Saskia Jordans                   Vught    (did visit Kythira in 2011)
  3. Daan van Os                       Engelen                (his relatives regularly visit Fratsia, E: Oct 2016. Fratsia’s letter with thanks on list of participants was handed by his son for the archive in Fatsadika 4 Oct 2018)
  4. Hans Kruytzer                    ‘s Hertogenbosch
  5. Ria de Graauw                   Empel
  6. Pam Posthouwer             ‘s Hertogenbosch
  7. Anneke van Luytelaar    ‘s Hertogenbosch
  8. Tineke Dam                        ‘s Hertogenbosch
  9. Stieneke Oosterhof        Genderen
  10. Jose Zijlmans                     ‘s Hertogenbosch
  11. Elly van Berge                    ‘s Hertogenbosch
  12. Brigit Mens                         Vught
  13. Nel Wierda                         Vught
  14. Maria Wierda                     Vught
  15. Wim Lysen                          ‘s Hertogenbosch
  16. Peter Verbiest                  ‘s Hertogenbosch
  17. Frans van Bilsen                                ‘s Hertogenbosch
  18. Leo Driessen                      ‘s Hertogenbosch
  19. Wouter Nieboer               ‘s Hertogenbosch
  20. Erik Nieboer                       ‘s Hertogenbosch
  21. Cees Tak                              ‘s Hertogenbosch
  22. Jacques Heykoop             ‘s Hertogenbosch
  23. Leo Timmer                        ‘s Hertogenbosch
  24. Arnoud Posthouwer       ‘s Hertogenbosch
  25. Ton Janssen                       ‘s Hertogenbosch
  26. Wim Vernhout                  ‘s Hertogenbosch
  27. Cor Vrensen                       Vught
  28. Harry Wellink                     (technical student WCC Team)
  29. Wessel Breunisse            (civil engineer WCC Team in Chora)



Fratsia 1967 group picture summer campers, photo CP Stapels



1967 The community of Fratsia shows its gratitude and was handed to all the participants at their departure



1967 Mylopotamos, 1st camp, from 07-07 to 26-07

(1) digging holes for tree planting by winter camp in February 1968,

(2) drink water system for the village and

(3) installing left over material for the home economic school for girls.

They were lodged in private houses in Mylopotamos and transported every day to their work site.

This summer camp was organized by WCC Office Utrecht, Holland.


  1. Lenie Huisman, camp leader (Amersfoort) (provided pictures and list participants E: April 2014)
  2. Jellie Salverda                    (Barneveld)
  3. Femmie van Dam             (Rotterdam)
  4. E. van der Graaf                (Eindhoven)
  5. Corrie de Vries                 (Epe)
  6. Rinie G. Willemsen          (Emmeloord)
  7. Els M. Koppert                 (Utrecht)
  8. Ineke van der Sar             (Slikkerveer)
  9. Justa Klarenbeek             (Rijsenhout)
  10. F. Roetman                         (Hardenberg)
  11. Coby S. Jasperse              (Amsterdam) (provided pictures E: April 2014)
  12. Corrie J. Kuiper                                 (Amsterdam) (provided pictures)
  13. Greet M. van der Krogt                 (Leiden)
  14. Ria van Hoeve                   (Eindhoven)
  15. Ida Blok                                               (WCC Team member)


  1. K.A.J. Schutten, camp leader (Lent/Nijmegen)
  2. Jan Visch                              (Bilthoven)
  3. Rijk Rijksen                         (Bilthoven)
  4. Roelf J. ten Broek            (Harderwijk)
  5. Minne Feitsma                 (Drachten)
  6. Frits van Stegeren           (Drachten)
  7. Jan Andeweg                     (Rotterdam)
  8. Jan J. Vente                        (Hazerswoude)
  9. Mees Struys                       (Wageningen/Leiden)
  10. B. Schut                                (Wageningen)
  11. Rob Mevissen                   (Venlo)
  12. Jan Hendriks                      (Tilburg)
  13. Henk Goede                      (Amsterdam)
  14. Hans P. Verte                    (Utrecht)
  15. Peter Vringer                     (Haarlem) (youngster arrived at Kythira on his own) (overleden, E: Aug 2005 Martin Wolterbeek)
  16. Frank Berghuijs                 (technical student WCC Team member, provided pictures)


1967 Mylopotamos summer camp group photo made by CP Stapels


1967 drink water project Mylopotamos, 2nd camp, from 26-07 to 17-08.

This summer camp was organized by WCC Office Utrecht, Holland

Small group, supervised by Wessel Breunisse (civil engineer WCC Team in Chora)

Group picture and pictures of their work by Chris-Paul Stapels available


1967 Wessel Breunisse & young family, photo by Chris Paul Stapels




most probably group picture of the 2nd work camp


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