The projects until today


WCC Kythera projects map 1966



Which projects were important or had a durable impact? 


From 1960 to 1969 Reforestation of large parts of the island and along several roads. Larger civil works that could be mentioned during the years:

Extensions Potamos hospital, over 20 stables, many houses, rural road buildings etc.



Roofing structure market place at Potamos, constructed in 1962 (see photo below). Topographical surveys for community water supply in Karavas, Logothetianika and Potamos



Potamos – mr. Koksma designed market hall ‘load tested’ at a 7-Ionian-Island festivity




Implementation community water supply in Karavas, Logothetianika and Potamos. Survey and construction for the 1st extension of the landing stage in Kapsali. Topographical survey of Livadi for a future community water supply system. Early in the year a topographical survey we made of a larger part of Kapsali for a large hotel plan. At the proposed site is now situated, in a small forest, the camping of Kapsali. According mr Vironas Dapontes these trees came from his tree nursery at Vroulea.



Conceptional design of bridge at Diakofti for future harbour plans.



Start of construction for the domestic school for girls in Mylopotamos by Dutch summer work campers.



Start of topographical survey for a future airstrip at Frilingianika; for the old people’s home in Potamos (architectural design started in 1962) first stone was laid the 3th of October, and part of foundation was poured. In a later year earthquake design and Construction drawings were (re)done by the Greek civil engineer Mr. Prineas from Athens. The old people’s home was officialy opened 17-08-1975!!!



1965 Potamos at least 10 pappades at ceremony for laying 1st stone old people’s home



Community water supply for Livadi. A community water supply tank for Avlemonas. Artesian well drilling. Concrete road building at various villages. Foundation for a new church in Diakofti.



Rig for Artesian well drilling



Survey of Fratsia for a community water supply system. Start construction of cheese factory at Fratsia. Design and construction of ‘harbour restaurant’ at Kapsali landing stage. Civil contractor Karamitzas from Athens started in July construction of the old people’s home in Potamos. Topographical survey Koksma’s experimental garden at Agia Anastasia.



Community water supply at Fratsia and cheese factory finished.



Community building in Chora (design and construction was started several years before)



In February the civil contract to finish the domestic school in Mylopotamos was awarded to local contractors.



24th of September, official opening of the domestic school for girls in Mylopotamos.


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Agia Pelagia, landing stage being extended by prefab blocks


Kythira – bulldozer making a rural road




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