The program



In spring 1960 a more definite program for  The WCC Team’s activities was developed by George Koksma and bishop Meletios. The spearheads for the program being reforestation, road and harbour construction, animal husbandry, agricultural reform and technical assistance. Their combined program as from 1960:

1 Reforestation (stimulation of planting trees all over the island)

2 Water economy (bringing water to the villages and into the houses, from artesian well drilling)

3 Roads and harbors (surveying, setting out, construction)

4 Animal husbandry (improving of and introducting new livestock)

5 Education

6 Religious themes

7 Industry (in particular home industries)

8 Social Welfare (a matter for the Church, but often The Team also gave help to individuals)

9 Agricultural reform (advising what crop not to grow anymore and the ones that better should and could and more modern ways of working the fields)

10 Technical Assistence (topographical surveys, plans for building construction for general or specific use: hotels, houses, stables)

11 Promotion of tourism (was added after 1965)


Dutch on Kythira
.Karavas, George Koksma on survey at Petrouni in 1960.


Reforestation with Mrs Koksma and Mr. Zerlendes and locals in the picture


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