1966 Summer Camp Participants



1966 school Mylopotamos, 1st camp, from 06-07 to 27-07.

This summer camp was organized by WCC Office Utrecht, Holland

  1. Peter van Gool  summer camp leader
  2. Bob Scholten     (being on vacation acted as technical supervisor for the WCC Team, provided pictures)
  3. Jan Stappers      (technical assistent WCC Team member)
  4. Arjen Fuykschot (provided pictures)
  5. Garmt Visser
  6. Anneke van der Kuylen
  7. and another 19 people ???


1966 Summer Camper Group Mylopotamos with Papas Manoli, photo Bob Scholten


1966 school Mylopotamos, 2nd camp, from 26-07 to 17-08.

This summer camp was organized by WCC Office Utrecht, Holland

18 participants were counted from their signatures on Koksma’s sketch of Mylopotamos bell tower. Non-readable signatures are marked with a ?

  1. Ds. Jan Mooij                   (camp leader from Den Bosch?)
  2. Mrs Liesbeth Mooij         (camp leader)
  3. Ida Blok                                (camp leader) (Ida returned February 1967 to Kythira as an agricultural specialist and stayed a full 2 years. Read her portraits and poems in Dutch of Kythira or Tsirigo)
  4. Elly T
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. J. A. Meyer
  9. L. Ruiter
  10. ?
  11. ?
  12. B. Kerk?
  13. M.J. Wegeman?
  14. ?
  15. ?
  16. Ineke Wesseldijk
  17. Hein Post Uiterweer       (from Zutphen)
  18. ?
  19. ?
  20. Renate Finkensieper (provided info 20/23 E: Dec 2013 via Riet Berghuijs-Simons)
  21. Anne de Vries   (son of author Anne de Vries)
  22. Puck ..                                   (spoke 7 (?) languages)
  23. Berend ..                             (from Leiden)
  24. Petra ..                                 (from Leiden)
  25. Patty Nolet                         (until 15 Aug)
  26. Anneke van der Kuylen (Den Haag) (until 15 Aug) (married Bob Scholten in 1968)
  27. Bob Scholten     (volunteer technical supervisor for the WCC Team) (until 15 Aug) (provided pictures and his impression of his Kythira periods)



1966 2nd group summer campers Mylopotamos with Papas Manoli and Bob and Anneke Scholten, photo Bob Scholten


1966 2nd summer camp Mylopotamos, the signatures of participants


1966 drink water project Livadi, 1st camp from 15-06 to 06-07.

This camp (17 boys, 8 girls) originated from the town Vlaardingen, Holland.

Excavation for and pouring concrete floor for water tank, digging trenches for installation of pvc pipes.


  1. Ds. Krol (minister, 1st camp leader)
  2. Gerard Hornstra (2nd camp leader) (provided in 2005 the archive of the “Kythera Vriendenkring Nederland” from 1967 thru 1971: pictures and periodicals “IRIS”. Revisited Kythira with Netty in 1968)
  3. Netty Hornstra-de Boer (3rd camp leader)
  4. Piet Rijken (provided digital slide show) (went back to Kythira 2004 & 2006)
  5. Bas de Groot (E: Nov. 2014, contacted us with René Vervoort and Henk Vos)
  6. Cor Maarleveld
  7. Huub Isendoorn
  8. Jan van Hees
  9. Aat de Man
  10. Rob Zijlstra
  11. Frans (Frank?) Dijkshoorn (and 9 other boys)
  12. Henk Doelman
  13. Jan van der Stoep (wrote articles in newspaper)
  14. Henk den Hond
  15. H. den Boef
  16. Toon ..?
  17. Cornelis ..?
  18.  Joop ..?
  19.  ?
  20.  ?
  21. Marijke de Lange (Kethel, Schiedam: organized fund-raising actions in Kethel, provided scrapbook Feb. 2017)
  22. Nel Maat (wrote weekly articles in newspaper)
  23. Joke de Bruin
  24. Hiltje ….?  (and 4 other girls)
  25.  Joke de Bruin
  26.  Aukje den Hond
  27.  Marian ..?
  28. ?
  29. René Vervoort (came with his own car to Kythira up to Neapolis and crossed over with a small fisherman’s boat to Agia Pelagia. He was accompanied by Henk Vos and Marjan Hartman. They stayed only a couple of days with the 1st camp)
  30. Henk Vos (photographer. Provided pictures of his short stay. See his travel story. E: Jan 2016)
  31. Marjan Hartman (she met René and Henk in Piraeus and joined them on their trip to Kythira. She left for Piraeus by the cargo ship “Nikolaos”)
  32. Jan Stappers                      (technical student WCC Team member)
  33. Alex Pannekoek               (technical student WCC Team member)
  34. Anton Obdam                   (technical student WCC Team member) (overleden)
  35. British student John
  36. British student Graham

Jean Bingen       (volunteer WCC Team member July 1965-Aug 1966, overall coordination with local authorities) (provided pictures)


1966 drink water project, 2nd camp from 06-07 to 26-07.

This camp originated from the town Vlaardingen, Holland

Digging trenches and installing pvc pipes.

  1. Ds. Jan van Veen              (minister, 1st camp leader)
  2. Marinus Bovenberg        (2nd camp leader)
  3. Heleen Bovenberg-van Zanten (3rd camp leader)
  4. Ria Hoogwerf                    (provided slides and scrapbook)
  5. Alice Don
  6. Henca Hasper
  7. Margriet Hatenboer
  8. Anneke Sluiter
  9. Cobie de Kruif                   (provided photo album, married Alex Pannekoek in 1969)
  10. Rieneke Engelvaart
  11. Connie v/d Ven
  12. Joke Duim
  13. Joke Bijl
  14. Chlien v/d Vlis
  15. Ina v/d Water                    (married Jean Bingen in 1968)
  16. Ineke Muis
  17. Iso de Reuver
  18. Bart Binnema
  19. Teun Hoogerwerf
  20. André van Yperen
  21. Arie Meyer
  22. Martin de Heer
  23. Jack (Sjaak) Keyzer                         (E: April 2014 provided pictures, as of 1996 he revisited Kythera several times)
  24. Coos v/d Linden
  25. Jan Weeda
  26. Gerard van Noort
  27. Gijs (Ben) Mietes            (E: Nov 2010 provided pictures)
  28. Maarten van Zijl
  29. Koos Guis
  30. Anton Obdam                   (technical student WCC Team member)
  31. Alex Pannekoek               (technical student WCC Team member, married Cobie de Kruif in 1969)

Jean Bingen       (volunteer WCC Team member July 1965 – August 1966, overall coordination with local authorities, provided pictures) (married Ina v/d Water in 1968)



Livadi 1966 2nd group of summer campers for the water supply


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