1960 Main topics and work of the Team



1960  By-weekly reports: A summary of main topics, events, visitors, etc.

Left out is the tremendous lot of administration, financial reporting and writing of letters with fund raising intentions. Note that for a long period the team leaders worked 7 exceedingly long days a week.

1960: May 01 / 14

The shooting of migrating birds; 1st investigation of rainwater retaining possibility; a coming visit from Athens WCC office to organize a summer camp at Myrtidia; pappas Stavros from Chora did not see things that bad; proposed stables for pigs in Myrtidia; investigation for a location for a water tank; visit to agricultural school in Karavas (with number of students decreased from 30 to 16); a trip hired by motor boat to Neapolis for 250 drachms; 1st meeting in Chora with officials of Kythira; a program for the island written in German and to be translated in Greek by Mr. Althanius; the attitude of the chief agriculturist; Mr. Kilpatrick did not come; a visit on foot to the cave of Mylopotamos that took 6 hours; conversation with a governmental official on planting trees.

Visit to Potamos and the hospital, request from staff for urgently needed things; visit to dry river near Livadi suitable for the construction of weirs (dams); visit to the gymnasium in Chora and introduction to teachers and pupils;  arrangements for food and lodging for the coming summer camp; some car repair by Panayotis Pasgalis from Potamos; investigation for a location of a hotel in Kapsali; how to give more shelter for fishing boats in the smaller bay of Kapsali; not being accustomed yet to Greek food and sweets



1960 Karavas survey water supply


1960: May 15 / 28

By telegram Bishop M. “ruins” the setup of the program and requiring discussion with Mr. Aronis (bank director) about a revised program ; continued visit to dry river from Livadi at north east of Kalamos (Kakospilea) suitable for the construction of weirs; first visit to a progressive garden farmer (Gianniotis) in Kato Livadi; possible planting of trees at Agia Elesa; investigation of possible weir at Fratsia; discussions with WCC Athens people and Bishop concerning coming summer camp for tree planting and fencing the site; concerns about  the hospital: the water problem could be solved with some help from a Dutch firm; visit to Trifilianika about the shortage of water: water could be pumped from the valley; first visit to Paleochora, end of the gorge could only be visited from the sea; visits to Karvounades and Kondolianika concerning the water problem; survey on water problem at Kondolianika; again at the hospital, conditions are troublesome; why not tell the Bishop everything



1960-001 Karavas, survey water supply


1960: May 29 / June 11

Governmental reforestation combined with WCC efforts; investigation Mylopotamos on possibilities of water supply and reforestation; there are still 54 young girls at the Mylopotamos school, the schoolmistress seems less suitable for the job to guide the girls; investigation Keramoto on possibilities of water supply and reforestation: they prefer to make first some little dams; visit to Gonia from Frilingianika where a lot of water is found; visit to Logothetianika, a survey is necessary to start a layout for a domestic water supply system; about the first to be executed water project at Kondolianika; visit to Mitata to find water and suitable places for dams; visit to Karavas, a bush fire happened; a note from George Koksma about not being accustomed to the name of Christos for ordinary men; could a cistern be built on top of the roof of the school in Mylopotamos?

1st mention of difference of opinion on pursuits between Bishop and Mr. Althanius; Mr. Koksma playing Mr. Kaluchi’s piano; visit to Paleopolis and assumptions on Skandia; telegram with announced visit of Mr. R. Greenough, journalist for UNICEF, and Mr. Sedgwick asking to show him the island; visiting Mylopotamos with Mr. and Mrs. Kasapis



1960: June 12 / 25

A difference in opinion on going to church; harmony in thinking with His Grace on measures for the hospital and the island development program; visit to Agia Pelagia, search for water and where to make dams; the prospect finding water for Fratsia looks very poor; Bishop asked Mylopotamos school head-mistress to stay another year, but does he not mind her behavior with men?; tales of misery from Harry Stratigos in Mylopotamos; will a geologist from Athens make an investigation of  the garden of Mr. Gianniotis in Livadi?

Furniture/crates from Holland arrived at Kapsali; visit to Kalamos, promising prospects compared to a lot of other villages; unpacking the transported crates for their household



Sociological Survey of villages 1960



1960: June 26 / July 9

New staff for hospital expected; investigation on several aspects of hospital and Bishop very angry with the results; Mitata does not see need of trees; Koksma not at all happy with name “Christos”; a first day off; Dutch plastic pipe factory Wavin responded favorably on request of pipes; Karavas is the 1st village to be surveyed for a domestic water supply, a Mr. Gerasimos is complaining severely; will Karavas have a hotel next year?; a letter to Philips, Holland, asking for a X-ray apparatus; a coming visit of Mr. Plastiras (governmental agricultural engineer), also of Mr. Wortley who was introduced by Mr. Chr. King; the staking out and start of  construction of the road from Alexandrades to Paleopolis; search for water with Mr. Plastiras and Bishop

1960: July 10 / 23

Greek-American lady spends much money in beautification Myrtidia, but not to the liking of Bishop; a threatening letter from the people of Gerakari and Prongi (by 9 out of total 200 people): do not touch our water to be used for Karavas! About a proposed solution to please everybody; inspecting area of river Kakospilea and Paleopolis plain with young Mr. Wortley; a visit of Mr. Adonis Skonakis, hydrologist / geologist from Athens; the head-mistress of the Mylopotamos school must leave the island; rich landowner from Mylopotamos who lives in Athens does not want to share his water with the village;

Surveying continued of road from Alexandrades to Paleopolis, but money has dried up; survey in Logothetianika; mention of counter-propaganda committee as advised by Mr. Metzler; hospital staff being transferred; arrival of Charles Schroeder on July 22 to become a member of the Team

1960: July 24 / August 6

Surveying at Gerakari; to Alexandrades to advise on water works, a well on the west side; also to Tsikalaria and Fatsadika; surveying at Logothetianika and how to open a bank account to collect the necessary money; plans for Diakopoulianika; last preparations for the summer camp in Myrtidia; setting out periphery of Myrtidia; Bishop contra people wishing pub next to the monastery; international summer campers arrived August 4

1960: August 7 / 20

Summer campers** at Myrtidia are fencing the site; Mr. Yiannis Zerlendes checks the quality of the fencing done; Mr. Tsikleas, an Australian-Greek offer of ₤ 10.000 to build a dam near Mitata, where people from this village had refused to plant trees; required changes at the hospital have taken place; summer campers are working on the fence, painting at the hospital, cleaning at the site of the proposed dam at Mitata

1960: August 21 / 27

Work at the hospital was finished. Complaints of the summer campers regarding the hard work at the dam. Campers not enjoying the two typhoid injections they had to take


1960 Karavas at AmirAli


1960: August 28 / September 10

Work at the site of the dam; blessing of the work by Bishop; summer campers leaving September 1st; a visit of Pastor Möckel (minister of the united German congregation of Athens, who had come to congratulate Mrs. Kasapis for her 90th birthday), his wife and Miss Schmitt; an article by a Mr. Kassimatis opponent of the work being done by Mr. Koksma; sociological review of the villages to be made by Charles Schroeder; planning improvements for the hospital; discussions with Mr. John Trifillis concerning a local newspaper that will print articles by Mr. Koksma to stop wrong circulating information; tuning Mr. Kaluchi’s piano

1960: September 11 / 24

Visit to Petrouni a village of 85 inhabitants and search for water; Potamos not yet willing to follow advice of hydrologist; visit to Viaradika; article mentioned as answer to Mr. Kassimatis objections; preliminary calculation for a hotel requested by Bishop; Mr. Gianniotis in Livadi is doing well; a translation of the report by hydrologist Mr. Skonakis, maybe in Livadi the first artesian well might be drilled; forms to be used for the sociological review; how did it went with Suzy Skordillis and her examination for the Pearce College?; 21st of September the arrival of young Frits van der Hoeven, son of the private secretary of the Queen of Holland, who is going to help with the sociological review; the lengthy report of hydrologist Mr. Skonakis being discussed in Chora’s town hall; investigation for a road around Chora, no solution found yet and the dumping of refuse south of the town; hopes for a jeep (extra means of transportation) for the team from WCC Ioannina

1960: September 25 / October 8

A visit of the Team to the light house of Karavas; working on a ultimate estimate of the development plan for the island; the Bishop (for some the most hated man of the island) will be away from the island for a year (?); visit of the chief forester from Athens and his advice: 1) mountains should be covered with bush, 2) construct dams higher up the mountain sides, 3) bulldozer a wider path in the dry river bed; so far a 1000 trees have been planted; a criticism of the Bishop; the Nomarchis visited Kythira; old Dr. Kasapis acts as interpreter for young Frits van der Hoeven; mention of the Heifer program for 20 cows; Mr. Althanius thinks that since Mr. Koksma came to the island as a result everyone starts doing something



1960 Karavas, enyoing a meal at AmirAli after the survey


1960: October 9 / 22.        Trip to Athens and Ioannina from 9 to 18 October

Making further acquaintance with the Nomarchis on the ferry to Athens; meeting people WCC office Sophocles street: discussions on several hot items/questions and meeting important officials; by plane to Ioannina, but the plane did not come further then Agrinion because heavy rain; meeting and shop talking with Mr. Russell Johnson from Ioannina WCC Team; car accident on slippery road but Mr. Koksma luckily survived; driving back the old Willys jeep to Neapolis; first gymnastic lessons for girls at Mylopotamos school by Mr. Althanius being photographed on request of Bishop; some progress in attitude of Kytherians is being noted

1960: October 23 / 29

Visit to Mr. Costa (Kostas Athanasius, originally from Konstantinopolis) from Logothetianika) who owns good pigs and rabbits to advise on further possibilities to increase farming and to straighten his family relations; discussions on a sports-hall for Chora; visit to sports-ground in Mylopotamos and sporting possibilities for the rural school; Mr. Theocharopoulos, “agronomos” (agronomist), and his (opposed to the Team’s) ideas about Kythera; about the advantage having a 2nd office in Potamos; bush fire in the north of the island


1960 Karavas
1960 Karavas



1960: October 30 / November 12

Voyage to Athens, by plane to Salonika for a WCC conference and back to Athens by car; discussion with Bishop; Dr. Kasapis (89 years old) translating a lot for the team and also helping Frits v/d Hoeven with the sociological review  (20 villages ready) in acting as trusted interpreter in the villages; about a design for a “castle” for the society of Greek authors at Makrykythera;

1960: November 13 / 26

in Gonia the water is still flowing despite the still dry season; a tour along the olive-oil factories and a discussion with the mayor of Mitata; X-ray set for the hospital is expected in March; replacing the clay-roof of the Team’s office in Chora with reinforced concrete; bushfire in Fratsia; making 45 pictures for minister Aliprandis; Mr. Koksma working himself in the house made Chora people chuckle; first visit to Panagia Orfani and admiring the slopes covered with trees; 1st design for a community water supply in Karavas of 1700 m length; could the old English school in Potamos be transferred into a sporting hall; a proposed visit from 16 Athenian officials


1960 – 1971 AmirAli Karavas, party


1960: November 27 / December 10

Meeting Bishop and Minister Aliprandis; discussions with Mr. Trifillis about the newspaper, with Mr. Althanius about the sporting hall, also with Mr. Kalligeros about the purchase of a property for the sporting hall; surveying in Potamos for the domestic water supply and a cost estimate for a sporting hall in Potamos; a visit to the uncultivated flat area of Frilingianika and the interest for an airstrip and is it a true story that when people have no title on the property they claim to be their own that it rightfully belongs to the municipality?

In Mitata interest in doing things is growing; too regularly sick girls in Mylopotamos school; is Mr. Dapontes going to build the 1st hotel in Kapsali? About the building of an international arts center on Makronisi (islet Makrykythera) by the Society of Greek Authors; the Nomarchis had promised money for the school at Livadi if they could bring water to the school; Frits van der Hoeven leaves Kythera; working on the water works of Logothetianika, plan drawings for Karavas (project 3 & 6) and Logothetianika have to be sent to Holland to the firm that is to supply the pvc pipes; Chora needs a hotel, Mr. Koksma to make the plans and to find the money!

1960: December 11 / 24

Last voyage of the Marilena; a multitude of various discussions and meetings; finding laborers for tree planting is difficult; finishing touch for the survey in Potamos for the domestic water supply; about the bad condition of the hospital building; why is the Orthodox Church still so alive?; various subjects discussed with the Bishop, main topic the hospital; Charley Schroeder leaves on Christmas vacation; about tree spray installations at Mitata; how  strangely the falling rain water disappears

1960: last week of the year

Ploughing in the villages has started; visit to Paleopolis with Mr. Themistocles Petrochilos to decide on archeological excavations next season; exploratory letters to Greek children (project 27)


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