1971 Technical activities of the Team



1971 Technical activities of the Team


1971   Monthly reports: A summary of main topics, events, visitors, etc.


1971 January 9

A three-monthly review (October, November, December) of status and expenses for the building site of the agricultural home economic school for girls at Mylopotamos.


1971 Jan, Feb, March

The advantages of growing vegetables under plastic sheeting which are now well introduced on the island. Seeds from CARE could be distributed. Status of school construction.


1971 March 29

A three-monthly review (January, February, March) of status and expenses for the building site of the agricultural home economic school for girls at Mylopotamos.


1971 April, May, June

Mr. and Mrs. Koksma 6 weeks away from Kythera. Finding extra funds in Geneva and Holland to compensate rising costs to finish the Mylopotamos school building. Status of school construction. Farewell words for and from two team members who worked for the school and therefore lived in Mylopotamos.


1971 Last report (Sept)

Last report of the WCC Kythera Team. Short (very short!) retrospective to what was achieved and or intended, who supplied the funds for a variety of projects. Closing after nearly 12 years of the WCC Geneva church sponsored pilot project for community development. Reference to a Dutch article of Mr. Rein Kuin in “Werelddiakonaat” nr. 12 May 1969: Kythera renowned as example of an integral dealing with problems. Inauguration of the home economic school in Mylopotamos on September 24. With aid, also of the pupils of the school, the building was thoroughly cleaned and the keys could be handed over to the head mistress of the school. Mr. and Mrs. Koksma decided to stay at Kythera, at Agia Anastasia.



Letter of thanks in Dutch.

Mr. Gerard Hornstra, main founder of the “Kythera Vriendenkring Nederland” had organized a fare well party 8 January 1972 for Mr. and Mrs. Koksma in Amersfoort, Holland. They were handed an envelope with a cheque for which they later bought a washing machine. In this letter they express their gratitude for the many years that they had been so well supported for their work at Kythera by so many people from Holland.


Notes from Jean Bingen:

  1. The agricultural newsletter “Georgika Nea” in Greek was issued several times. The first was by the end of May 1965. This first issue is also the only one in my archive.
  2. April 1968: restart of the in Greek language instruction paper “The Servant on agricultural matters. No info in my archive.


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