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PROVINCIAL ‘ZEEUWSE’ COURANT                                          THURSDAY MARCH 17, 1960

THE CHURCHES and society



Help for Kythera

The World Council of Churches has already done a lot of work on the refugee issue. She has also done practical work in the agricultural field. Experts and volunteers were sent to countries where agricultural problems existed. It was put first and foremost that help should first be sought. The Greek island of Kythera had recently come up. Bishop Meletios of the Greek Orthodox Church on this island informed the World Council that the population there was in danger of being sacrificed to a catastrophic drought for which he urgently sought help.

The World Council subsequently appointed the Dutch architect and hydraulic engineer Mr J.M. A. Koksma from Heemstede invited to size up the situation at Kythera. At that time, Mr. Koksma had informed the World Council that he was available for a job on site, anywhere in the world, and that his skills were mainly in the field of hydraulic engineering and cultivation. During his vacation last July, Mr. Koksma travelled to the island of Kythera and was received there with pleasure.

After his return, he wrote a detailed report to the World Council, in which he pointed out, among other things, that the rocky bottom of the island was no longer able to retain the water that fell there. In his opinion, large water basins with matching irrigation pipes should first be constructed. This would make it possible to retain the water hoping that sources on the island would produce more water in the near future. Some further afforestation would also be necessary to further solve the problem. This report is the reason why Mr. and Mrs. Koksma left for Kythera in March. An interim appointment for five years. They entered the service of the World Council as volunteers. In these five years, Mr. Koksma hopes to complete the construction of the water basins and the irrigation pipeline system. The support of the population is needed, in addition to that of the World Council teams, who assist the population in various areas from out labour camps on the island. The approximately 5000 residents of Kythera will have to provide the workforce for this project by themselves.

Kythira, May 1960


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Letters from mr Koksma to mr Metzler




Kythira, May 1964 letter mr Koksma to Agia Pelagia

Agia Pelagia has to put its hands together!!!!




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