Winter camp 1968 Myrtidia Ini Zander, Summer camp Fratsia and Livadi, Geraldine Willems and Frank Berghuijs

      Please scroll down for many more amazing potos form locals and winter and summer campers made by Ini Zander, Geraldine Willems, Frank Beghuijs and Riet Simons. Dutch participants in 1968.         Team Kythera 1968, winterkamp Myrtidia en zomerkampen Fratsia en Livadi Overgenomen uit de in het Engels geschreven maandelijkse […]


    The involvement of the Dutch Team in reforestation of Kythira in the sixties. In George Koksma’s “Development Manifesto”, written on request of the World Council of Churches (WCC) in Geneva in 1974, a financial overview of the Team’s projects at Kythera from 1960 thru 1971 was added. For the reforestation project from 1960 […]

Forester mr Zerlendes

    The Greek article by governmental forester Ioannis Zerlendes, “We have to plant many eucalyptus trees”. He explains that this tree is not endemic and where it came from and how long it should grow before to be cut for timber. At the end of his article apart of the good use of its […]

Myrtidia 1960 eerste zomerkamp Leendert W. Ruitenberg (IN DUTCH)

  Werkkamp-impressies (Door Leendert W. Ruitenberg, deelnemer aan het eerste internationale oecumenisch zomerkamp Myrtidia in augustus 1960, in Word door Jean Bingen, december 2017)   Als je nog nooit in een oecumenisch werkkamp bent geweest, sta je er wat huiverig tegenover. ”Kamp heeft altijd een klank van verplichtingen; van op tijd dit en op tijd […]

Water and Trees

    Text is also published in the Kythera Summer Edition 2010. Activities at Kythera of the World Council of Churches Team-Kythera from May 1960 thru September 1971.   *another interesting read about the springs on the island in general and particular in Mylopotamos from European Union of Geosciences ( EGU)   Water and Trees: 1960, […]

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